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Its Holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Friday, May 25, 2012 // 0 sugarpuff

Homemade Pavlova.Yummy!

Hey Guys.Lame tak bukak blog ni.Dah berhabuk dah.Entah-entah ade lipas sekali.Eeeeeeeeeeeeee.Takpe-takpe.Nanti nak renwe blog ini!Weeeeeeeeee.OK,the reason I closed this blog is because I  had exam this week and it was horrible.I never thought I would still be alive.Let me tell you about this week .

1st day of exam.
I had Pendidikan Agama Islam,Jawi and Arab.The Pendidikan Agama Islam was not so hard but it was not easy too.I thought the Jawi paper would be easy.But it was so hard I think I got a B.The Bahasa Arab Paper.Like the usual.Hard cause im not good at it.

2nd day of exam.
BM Pemahaman,BM Penulisan and Mathematic Paper 2.Both of the BM was hard.Don't know the marks yet.It was horrifying.Mathematics Paper 2,the teacher told us the marks.I did get an A.I'll tell you the marks on the next paragraph okay?My sister went to buy taufu fa.But the shop were closed.

3rd day of exam.
Mathematic Paper 1,Pend. Kesihatran and Pendidikan Seni.Okay,now I'll tell you the Math marks.I got 91.An unexpected person got a 99.Congrats to her.The pend. kesihatan was hard.And for PS,I did menganyam tikar.Mine was ugly.Oh yeah,this time my sister wen t to the taufu fa shop again.It was opened.The service was cool.We had to wait in the car until a waiter comes and take our order.Then we have to eat in the car.But it was so delicious.Can't resist it.We have taufu fa in our house.Come if you want.

4th day of exam.
Had Science and English.Both of them was HARD.Totally gonna get a B.On both of them.Today my sister and me went to eat Lengkong Kuning.I think thats how we spell it.It was a Jelly-like dish.It was awesome.But  it tasted kinda weird in the end.It was sweet and a little sour.My sister friend was there too.And oh yeah,the main test was over.

5th day of exam.The last day.Today.
Had Kajian Tempatan,Kemahiran Hidup and Sivik.Uhh,im tired of all this typing.But,lets continue.
Kemahiran Hidup = Hard
Kajian Tempatan = Hard
Sivik = Not easy
Then my sister brought us to eat again.but this time I ate Cendol!So yummy!She brought my baby brother too.But he slept all time.Didn't even eat.Haha,

Lastly,I have 2 whole weeks to do anything!Ole!Ole!Its a holi,holiday!Gonna : 
  • Doodle so much
  • Blog so much
  • Eat so uch.
  • Watch movie all day
  • Play computer all day.
  • Sleep all day.
  • And so more things.

But of course,I have many homeworks too.So girls and boys.Dont forget to do your homeworks.Happy Holiday!