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Sketches. :D
Friday, August 17, 2012 // 1 sugarpuff

Assalamualaikum to all my friends.

Because today I'm very happy,I'm gonna post my sketches.It took a while to scan this sketches,rotates them and combining them.But it was worth.And you guys all know that Sunday is Hari Raya right?So I'm drawing you guys one doodle themed of it.So let's go on with my super-messy sketches.

Well,for the left one.I tried making braids.And it turned out well?The righty one is creepy right.I am so not going to make that into a doodle.

I like the left one.But the head seem to look a bit off.But I can fix that.The right one is just a simple one I drew.I was bored.But I kinda like it. 

The last one.I love ittttttt.It's Alice!Back then,I did drew Alice.This is just an improvement.I think I did improve much.Right?

Critiques pls.Which one should I doodle first.Hmm.This is a tough choice.Im sorry for my grammar mistakes. (;<>;)